How have you been feeling during lockdown? For me I’ve had lots of ups and many downs, at first it was strange having to stay at home for what was made out to be nothing worse than the flu, over time it has become more apparent just how serious this virus is.

As I closed the door on Bee Bonnie back in March I was filled with so much sadness however the safety of my family and others is absolutely paramount. Over the next few weeks I did struggle with being at home all the time some days it was very difficult to get out of bed, but with 2 young boys to homeschool I had no choice. For me the homeschooling has definitely been the most challenging part about being on lockdown. It’s important that everyone knows ‘it’s ok not to be ok’ and it’s important to talk.

It’s not all been difficult we have had some lovely times, the weather has been fantastic for the most part, lots of outdoor work has been done in the garden and we’ve spent lots of family time outside playing games, having barbecue’s and lots of walks. It’s even been great having my husband home full time.

I have always worked since I was 13 years old so I’m missing being at work now, lashes were probably my most popular treatment so there’s a fair few clients that have had to go back to their natural lashes, the amount of messages I’m getting I’ll be just as busy as ever when it’s safe to return. I’m also missing doing hair and makeup for all these beautiful brides that come here to marry, next year is looking like it will be a very busy year for weddings and I can’t wait!

Hopefully by the time I post my next blog end of June I’ll have more of an idea on a date for going back to work which I’m excited about but also nervous however I have taken lots of measures to make sure we will all be safe.