For my next blog I’m going to tell you about all the super online training I’ve been getting to do. As you know I live and work on the beautiful Isle of Skye which is so far from everywhere, for training I mostly have to travel to Glasgow or Edinburgh which is a 4 &½ hour journey there and back, not only that I also need to find accommodation, the public transport times are also not the greatest when travelling so far. 

When some of the companies I work with decided to do online training I definitely welcomed this with open arms, the joy of being able to study in my own home.

To start with I did a few hygiene courses, being in the beauty industry we are always very careful with hygiene anyway however it was good to do these courses as a wee refresher.

I also did a ‘How to spot skin cancer early’ course, this was a fantastic course in which I learnt how to potentially spot early signs of cancer, because I work so closely with people this is almost certainly a great skill to have.

Next I did a course on how to spot the signs of domestic abuse, again I feel this is such an important course to do working so close to people if I can help just 1 person it will be worth it.

The IIAA (International Institute for the Anti Ageing) is a big part of my business which includes 3 superb companies, Environ Skincare, The Advanced Nutrition Programme and Jane Iredale Skincare Cosmetics, the IIAA also started doing a wide range of online courses and I have currently completed a few different ones for each company. Some of the Environ courses included workshops on acne,pigmentation and lines and wrinkles jst to name a couple, the Advanced Nutrition Programme is all about the supplements. I did a refresher with them and also learnt about some fantastic new supplements that are on the way. Jane Iredale is a natural skincare makeup with no nasty ingredients or bulking agents like you will find in almost all high street brands. I’ve completed different workshops with JI including a refresher and how to achieve certain looks. I will talk in more detail in future blogs about all the different companies and products I use but for now I just wanted to let you know how busy I am making sure I make the most of my business opportunities to deliver fantastic products and treatments to all my clients.